We can work with organisations to provide the technology platform to enable more effective patient engagement, adherence tracking, symptom monitoring and data collection. We have taken part in IRB approved clinical trials in the USA and are able to support trails through customisation and bespoke development. We are HIPPA compliant and adhere to FDA guidelines


We can work with the pharmaceutical industry to provide tech based solutions to monitor disease management protocols and provide a depository of real world data in support of HCP intervention. These products help provide a snap shot of how patients manage/react to their condition and drug treatments. This can be a linked solution including apps, desk top and cloud based systems. Data can be used to modify patient protocols and in support of drug data submissions.


Working with the pharmaceutical/biotech industries and research bodies, we can supply solutions to allow the organisation to securely collect data and monitor behaviours as part of a clinical or real world trial scenario. Data can be anonymised or ‘blinded’ as required and used to support, FDA or NICE submissions. We have taken part in IRB approved clinical trials in the USA with Mount Sinai Hospital.